Mall Hellam


Class: 1993/1994 study group

I obtained my first university degree in Hungarian language and literature, and have also studied comparative linguistics of the Finno-Ugric languages. However, I’ve always been fascinated by politics–in particular, international politics–and I was hungry to know more about the nuanced world of diplomacy. As I was in good and frequent contact with the Hungarian Embassy in Helsinki at a time, I was especially intellectually curious to know more about how foreign policy is actually being made. I particularly liked how things were organized in the world of international relations, and about the written and unwritten rules in communication between countries.

I found the education and knowledge I gained at ESD especially useful after I was named Honorary Consul of Hungary in Estonia. Since then, I’ve appreciated the ESD experience while communicating professionally with a great number of foreign organizations.

I enjoyed the good level of teaching, the varied lecturers and guest speakers, and the passionate interest in foreign policy, shared by all my coursemates and the contacts I’m lucky to have kept in touch with ever since.