Marina Kaljurand


Class of 1992

I attended the Estonian School of Diplomacy from 1991 to 1992, after being invited to join the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Given that my education up to that point was in law, I did not have any theoretical or practical training in diplomacy or foreign relations. (As we had just restored our independence, the same could be said about almost all the young people who joined the foreign service at the beginning of the 1990s.) Therefore it was important to get some training–and attending the ESD was for me a logical step. As the School had only recently begun operation, many lecturers came from the MFA–in particular, I remember Enn Liimets, then Deputy Foreign Minister. The ESD programme was a good introduction to diplomacy, consular affairs, and the history of Estonian diplomacy. While I later had several opportunities to continue my studies in international relations, including at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, ESD will always represent my first step in that direction.