ESD guest lecturer prof Alan K. Hendrikson from Tufts Univerity in US held an open lecture "The Creation of North Atlantic Allinance: Then and Now" at Tallinn University on March 16. The lecture focused on the historical overview of the origins of NATO, including the question of the scope and membership of the Alliance with the implications for the NATO "open door" question. Prof Henrikosn emphasised the change of nature of the Alliance over the course of time from a predominately military organisation to a community of democratic states.   

The lecture was followed by discussion moderated by Mr. Ekke Nõmm, director of Estonian School of Diplomacy. The audiance included students of ESD and TLU, diplomatic officials from foreign embassies in Tallinn and from Estonian MFA.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States in Tallinn, Estonian School of Diplomacy and Tallinn University. 

Alan K. Henrikson is Lee E. Dirks Professor of Diplomatic History and the Director of Diplomatic Studies at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, where he teaches American diplomatic history, contemporary U.S.-European relations, global political geography, and the history, theory and practice of diplomacy.

Professor Henrikson has written widely on the history and current problems of American foreign policy, U.S.-European Union relations, and the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. His writings also have addressed Nordic/Arctic geostrategic issues, the Canadian-U.S.-Mexican “continental” relationship, the diplomacy of Caribbean island countries and other small states, the geographical “mental maps” of American foreign policy makers, and the “consensus” procedures developed in international organizations and multilateral diplomacy—the subject of Negotiating World Order: The Artisanship and Architecture of Global Diplomacy.

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