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1. Paneel. The "Big Picture" of ENP before and after August 2008

Five Theses on European Neighbourhood Policy - Mr. Grzegorz Gromadzki, Director of International Cooperation Programme, Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland)

Ettekanne põhines artiklitel http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/Eastern_Partnership.pdf ja http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_policybrief.pdf

ENP after August 2008: Views of the IR Research Community - Dr. Vahur Made, Deputy Director, Estonian School of Diplomacy

Ettekande slaidid http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_after_August_2008.ppt

EU Russian Relations and ENP - Mr. Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament

Discussion. Discussant Dr. Markku Kangaspuro, University of Helsinki, Research Director of the Aleksanteri Institute

2.Paneel. ENP and EU's Foreign Policy after August 2008

Post-war Perceptions of the EU Neighbourhood in Georgia and Ukraine - Dr. Alexei Sekarev, Director of the EU TACIS GEPLAC Project (Georgia)

Ettekande slaidid http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_Sekarev_TLL_Nov_08.ppt

ENP after August 2008 in the Perspective of the European Commission - Mr. Toivo Klaar, Head of the European Commission Delegation in Estonia

Ettekande slaidid http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_esitlus_201108__Toivo_Klaar_.ppt

ENP in the Perspective of the European Security Strategy - Mr. Rein Tammsaar, Council of the European Union, General Secretariat, Policy Unit, Member of the Horizontal Security Affairs, Conflict Prevention and Human Rights Task Force

Ettekande slaidid http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_in_the_perspective_of_the_ESS__Rein_Tammsa.ppt

Discussion. Discussant Mr. Iulii Selianko, Researcher, International Centre of Policy Studies (Ukraine)

Täpsemat konveretsi kava saab vaadata http://www.edk.edu.ee/ul/ENP_Conference_20_11_2008.doc