Shehab Mekky


Class: 2015/2016 study group

As a diplomat at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when I came to know about ESD’s diploma programme in IR & European Integration, I was immediately excited–not only was this a field I wanted to study further, but also Estonia was a country I was eager to explore and experience.  And the ESD experience lived up to my expectations. Since it is  more than just an academic programme, I learned so much in many ways, from classes in practical diplomacy and international organizations, to seminars at which I made presentations, conferences and talks I attended, to field visits to European and Estonian institutions as well as embassies. The programme’s approach ensured broader learning than what one would obtain through classroom work alone. Moreover, it provided me with many skills and techniques that are of daily use to me in my current work as deputy chief of mission at the Egyptian Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My most vivid memories of ESD are without doubt the friendships I made, the beautiful cities of Estonia I visited, and above all–snow, snow, snow!   Tallinn is a fairytale city in winter!