Webinar about the Conflict in Ukraine


Political and Legal Aspects of the Conflict in Ukraine

10. March 2022, 11:00–12:00 (Tallinn time, UTC +2)

The director of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Ambassador Hennadii Nadolenko, also joined the speakers.

The Conflict in Ukraine has already lasted for eight years in select regions. The recent Russian military invasion in Ukraine has escalated the conflict to a full-fledged war on several fronts. Russia has exploited various political and legal arguments to justify its military intervention and the conduct of its armed forces.

The event will explore the political and legal aspects of the conflict in Ukraine. Speakers are Hennadii Nadolenko, Ambassador and Director Of Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Matthew Crandall, Associate Professor of International Relations at Tallinn University, and René Värk, Deputy Director of the Estonia School of Diplomacy and Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Tartu. Moderator is Ekke Nõmm, Director of the Estonia School of Diplomacy.

The discussion will be in English and in Zoom. Registration is required:

Estonian School of Diplomacy
Rävala pst 12
10143 Tallinn