Living in Estonia

In Estonia, you will live in one of the world’s most highly-connected digital societies, where high-speed mobile data and free Wi-Fi internet access available almost everywhere.  The country has been nicknamed “E-stonia” because of the many ways in which IT solutions make everyday activities simpler; register a company with 18 minutes, buy a cinema ticket (or your groceries) with your mobile phone,  register for courses online, and more. Entrepreneurship and innovative solutions are highly welcomed in Estonia, whose active start-up community lends it the nickname ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’.

Student life in Estonia is full of activities and events. Numerous organisations and events help international students to settle into Estonian life and make get acquainted with other people. Examples include company visits, trips and social gatherings, photo competitions, balle and theatre performances, bike trips, quiz tournaments, and more.  Furthermore, the local universities (Tallinn University and the Tallinn University of Technology) have a range of student clubs and interest groups–open to ESD students as well– that help to foster students’ unique identities and develop their individual hobbies and skills.  At the beginning of each academic year universities usually organise a special event for all new international students—whether undergraduate or postgraduate, coming for an academic year or an entire degree program—to provide practical information about studying and living in Estonia. In this way, Tallinn will soon begin to feel like home.

Before and after class, our students enjoy opportunities to wander the medieval streets of old Estonian towns, attend concerts, participate in the lively and varied nightlife of modern clubs and bars, or escape into the riches of pristine Estonian nature: endless forests, picturesque lakes, and white beaches.

Along with all residents of Tallinn, students enjoy discounts on public transportation (bus, trolleybus, tram, and train).

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