Victor Guzun


Class: 2006/2007 study group

The choice to study at the Estonian School of Diplomacy was a natural one for me, as I had a strong will to learn about diplomacy and European integration in a country similar in size, population, and recent history to Moldova–and one that achieved great social and economic success, while gaining membership in the EU & NATO, in such a short period of time. Even today, I am confident that for us, Estonia is the best example to follow.

My experience at ESD was notably valuable to me when I returned as my country’s Ambassador just three years after graduation. Having  a solid grasp of Estonian realities and a wide, well-established network of contacts and friends made my job much easier–adn more effective. My most vivid memories of the ESD are associated with with my colleagues and our teachers, our feeling of all being on ”one team”, our study trips to Brussels, Stockholm and Helsinki, and countless visits throughout Estonia–especially the opportunity to discover the country’s amazing natural landscapes. I am very grateful to ESD for this enjoyable and valuable year in Tallinn!