On 17-21 Oct 6 diplomats from Morocco, Jordan and Egypt came to a study visit to Tallinn. The aim of the visit was to refresh exiting relations, to generate new ideas for cooperation, to discuss foreign policy and security matters and introduce Estonian reform experience. Arab diplomats met with Estonian colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learned about Estonian foreign policy priorities. Presentations touched upon consular, business, cultural and public diplomacy as well as e-services, e-government and cyber security. The program also included a brief training course on the EU’s external affairs and foreign policy. In addition, a public seminar entitled “Perception of Current Security Threats in Europe and Arabia” too place with security analysts from Estonia: Mr Erkki Bahovski (Editor in chief of Diplomaatia) and Mr Pauli Järvenpää (researcher at ICDS). The discussion was moderated by ESD Director Mr Ekke Nõmm.

The study visit included a brief trip to Helsinki to meet Finnish colleagues at the MFA. The discussions focused on broader Northern European context.

The visit of Arab diplomats to Tallinn was financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the recourses of Estonian development cooperation.

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