Estonian School of Diplomacy delivers a five-day training on International Relations and E-Governance to Belarusian Diplomats


The five-day study visit and training, provided by the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD), offers a delegation of diplomats from the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with knowledge and skills on foreign and security policy, foreign service development and IT-related experience in Estonia. The study visit runs from September 25th until September 29th, 2017. The project is financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Development Cooperation Programme.

The delegation will meet experts from various Estonian institutions; including Estonian e-Governance Academy, Tallinn City Government, National Parliament of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership, Estonian EU Council Presidency, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, International Centre for Defence and Security, Enterprise Estonia, and the University of Tartu.

Over the years ESD has carried out several training projects with the aim on sharing Estonia’s reform experience and integration of the EU and NATO, foreign service formation, international relations, cooperation and diplomacy, international negotiations,  state and democracy building, public administration reform. A number of tailor-made short-term training projects have been launched for diplomats and civil servants from Afghanistan, Central-Asia, the Balkan countries, Palestine, Iraq and North-Africa.

ESD has been actively following developments of the European Union Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) with a special interest in its the Eastern Partnership (EaP) initiative. In 2009 a tradition was established to organise multilateral public administration reform seminars and conferences targeted to state officials from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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