Ukraine’s European Way


The kick-off seminar of the project “Ukraine’s European Way” at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

The introductory seminar of the “Ukraine’s European Way” project began at the Diplomatic Academy (DAU). The main goal is systematic training of Ukrainian diplomats and civil servants in the field of European integration.

The project was opened by DAU director Hennadii Nadolenko and director of the Estonian School of Diplomacy Ekke Nõmm. The speakers of the first day were the director general of the Government for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Alexander Ilkov, and the head of the department of analytical support and interaction with the expert environment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Valery Kravchenko.

Ekke Nõmm, Director of the Estonian School of Diplomacy

“We all understand that the European Union is not only the economy. When Estonia joined the EU, it was also a security issue. In Ukraine today, the security problem is also a huge issue. We have designed this course to give you ideas and possibly support you in the process you need to go through. In Estonia and Sweden, your country has strong political support, but this does not mean that you do not need to do your homework. You have to work very hard.”

The event was organized by DAU together with the Estonian School of Diplomacy and financed by Swedish Institute and Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) within the framework of the Trilateral Diplomatic Initiative.

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